My Rainbows

.....Silently Thinking.....

Pondering in my thoughts

Why they took her away in a unknown place

Alone in his room he plays

Hurting everyday wishing I could see her face

Inside my pain is flawless

Wondering why its gotta be this way

Outta control my heads spinning

I need a break

I love both my children more than God can see

Without them I couldn't breath.With out them

My life would be incomplete

Through my eyes I rain battered tears

The wounds have bruised my hearts in pieces

Trying too figure out how could i loose

Someone as precious as a pregnant womb

I carried her within my soul like her brother

she was sweet

she was a blossoming tree

I'm missing a special leaf she was stolen at three

Thieves robed apart of me that's alright

She'll always be a seed within me

I'll carry her deep like a pot of gold

on a rainy day together they both shine bright as

my rainbows

Author's Notes/Comments: 

4 both my kidz so it aint fit in either folder

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Latesha Brown's picture

That was wonderful... I can tell that you took your time and let it flo. (I told you, you could do it!)

Neu Woman's picture

beautifully written

i felt every word

Jacquelyn Hill's picture

dis is very nice. u might think im strange when i say dis but i think she goin return back 2 u 1 day
7 u'll be her shinig star.