a story about a girl!

I'm on the floor,


a puddle surrounds me,

it gets bigger everytime i breath.

he told me it wouldnt hurt,

that everything would go fast,

i'm here 3 hours have past,

why did we have to flirt?

I'm on lots of drugs,

he put them in my drink,

and a razor in his pocket,

a rope in the other.

i got knocked out

and woke up all weak

my shirt is seeping in blood,

i think its my own....

i told them i was at a friends,

instead i went to a party,

i never should have went,

i should have stayed at a friends....

i never got to tell them i loved them,

or how much they mean to me...

i'll never get that chance...

cause im lying on this floor...

my pants cover in blood...

it is my own, i want to sleep,

i feel so weak...

i dont think im going to Rest In Peace!

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