Agrian Elegies (III)


No more the honorable king

   followed by his modest queen

      in haste through corridors of death

         attempting to leave a message

            to the posterity

                on faithfulness

        on the place of  heaven’s spouse

            among the stars

                           from immortelle to clouds.

And him no more

   for whose love would Heracles

      mighty Thanatos tempt

         to wrest from the sticky wings

             the endless mistress’ life.

Even Heracles no more

   A brave companion

      no more people prepared

         to bow before the eternal bay

             in the brumous Balkans.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

See comment about first poem under same title.

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Judy Costea's picture

These three poems express themselves in a very elegant manner. But war is such a waste of life. maybe one day we will all be able to live without wars. wont that be a paradise.
Peace and Love be with you

hhickson's picture

War is absolutely the most heinous than man can do to man. What does it accomplish other than to keep the balance of nature.