Agrian Elegies (II)


Sons of war do not know

   who their parents were

      where were they born

          in what godforsaken land

             will they be found

        while lying dead

                     in a muddy gutter.

They gain friends in spears

   they take food by spears

      with spears they lay

         horrified women

            and curious beasts.


   in a quiet autumn dusk

      they devour busty mares

          eating raw meat of warriors.

The names only remain of cities



         and memory games

            in which idle compete.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

See comment about poem I under same title.

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emmenay's picture

Imaginative and beautifully composed

Congratulations. I like this poem mainly for its imaginative approach and beautiful composition.

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed.

Pen name:Emmenay.

Yahoo email ID:Ambitious7

Initials: M.N. Ahmed.

myrataal's picture

Dear Nikola

Your poems are almost photogenic ... It fills me with sorrow ... I do not know which war is worse: The war between man and man; or the war between man and Beast ...
In the end both are a manifestation of the war between Darkness and Light ...

Your work is outstanding ... thank you. Myra