The sword - what for?

If solely with my look I can’t create?

Have a look: I wake up, stumble around the room,

preparing to die.

You and I are one; still echoing in my head.

It’s my own voice

I invented it, trying to hear -

an accidental sound, movement,


Just like air, I need anything.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

From my sixth book of poems.

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myrataal's picture

Interesting poem.

The use of the sword as metaphor is significant. The sword symbolizes Truth; also destruction; also self-defence; also turmoil. It may even be a fallic reference.

There is something desperate in the poem: within deafening Silence, the poet grasps for meaning: "Just like air, I need anything" ...


Kindest Regards, Myra

pudnsis1's picture

Oh! Words of profound impact, on once we dare to wake from a deep sleep. Love peace and freedom, Linda