Agrian Elegies


Sons of great sorcerers become lizards,

   tennis clothes suit them well

      while jogging along the republic president.

My father gave me a great college!

     A new Cadillac as well

and long-legged daughters of East

      and the odor of mating deer!

I’ll be smiling

   I’ll be happy

      when they bring me back, dead,

            from Vietnam

   from Haiti

      from Africa

         from the Balkans.

My father will proudly stand

   by the coffin

      and with joyful eyes

         receive condolences

            from the president


                  party leaders.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem from my last book, written year 2000, published 2002, under title "Agrian Elegies" about war in Former Yugoslavia.

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myrataal's picture

Hi Nikola,

This is such a sad poem. Oh, these offers one has to bring because of patriotism!

The poem reflects the starkness of war. The atmosphere is that of irony ... the father, who provided the son with all earthy symbols, now receive the dead body as trophy ... with the authorities as satisfied onlookers.

Well done, Nikola ... another excellent poem.

Kindest Regards, Myra