Hey YOU,

Yes, you with the chip on your shoulder,

Can I speak with you for one moment of your lifetime,

For in the span of your entire life, this may take 

But one short moment of many millions of moments.


I want to tell you that I care,

I care deeply, and with all my heart,

About what you hold within you,

Your fears, your passions, your trials and tribulations,

Your hopes, and your aspirations.


I care about the things that you think no one understands,

And I care, because you are right, that no one can, 

Or does understand those things that YOU alone have experienced

In YOUR way, which is YOUR rightful and worthy path in this life.


I cannot fix anything, and I cannot tell you what, how to feel,

I cannot change who I am in attempts to heal you, 

As this would maim me as a thief, seeking to steal you,

Nor can I judge you with wreckless abandon, 

Or condemn you, as this truly is the very nature

Of what human beings do when they pass judgment

Upon the life purpose of another.


But I CAN tell you, in all honesty,

In all sincerity, and with the deepest and purest empathy,

That others have had equal burden,

Perhaps not the same thing, or circumstances,

Or the same pain, but their burden was equal to yours,

And they made it through, because someone told them,


...."I CARE".




3:55 PM 6/24/2013 ©





Author's Notes/Comments: 

How to care is many times more than not, just being there.

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