let me bite hungrily
in this second
when our bodies touch
gather in my fists 
this violet evening
when an orchid blooms 
under my breast
let my eyes get their fill of you
enter my blood
pervade my arteries
like a sweet poison 
never enough for dying
or living
cure me of this chronic sorrow
drive out these dark thoughts
cutting into my brain
with rusty blades
transform me, my love
from flower to fruit
and with your teeth
tear off juicy bits of my body
while tomorrow...
I become a memory
of a heavy branch 
laden with ripe peaches
where a chance passerby
feasted voraciously
right when he would have starved to death
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thank you :)

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a beautiful poem of love

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very well written

and also, sensual with a heat that transits the reader to a place that is the essence of taking the low hanging fruit... this work is so  very evocative I liken it to a poem I know very well...



ps welcome to PP

"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot