I am No-One


I look at life

I am not seen

I want to shine

I live in darkness

I am no-one


My mother talks of

My sister’s golden curls

My brother’s sporting deeds

My efforts are unseen

I am no-one


I am not invited

I am picked last

I am left alone

I want to play

I am no-one


I see no future

I remember no past

I feel great pain

I ache deep inside

I am no-one


How can I change?

How can I try?

How can I live?

How can I fly?

I am no-one


A smile not expected

A touch not realised

A kind word spoken

A kiss not remembered

I am no-one


I review my dilemma

I see my mistake

I take a chance

I make a break

I will be someone


Put my head up

Put my smile on

Put my feelings out

Put my heart out

I finally am someone


We are all alone

Alive in our skin

To live with memories

Of our life lived

Whether good or bad

These thoughts are ours

Cherished and ours alone

We are all someone




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