Two Sides of Existence

Reflections in the water;

I always thought mine absurd-

as it copied and mocked me

claiming us kindred and same.


Are we the same really

or are we strangers alike,

sharing faces and features

but not soul.


My life back-lit with truths half-remembered

the reflection held in the unknown's shroud-

my darkness resulting from my failure and losses

my mimic using tricks of shade and distortion.


Are we really that different

or in some moments compared,

holding past and future

with no map.


My features all changing with time and with age

Her facade inconsistant as the ripples cast lies-

the hope that I grasp due to those who could reach me

she holds only the darkness which calls from the depths.


Are we really so different
or perhaps much the same -

two sides of existence

and both real.


Are we really the same

are we so really different -

different shades of the light

and both imagined.














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running_with_rabbits's picture

welcome back!

:) I freakin LOVED this till the end...the last 4 lines just bug me, they feel forced and leave me wanting more to read  like jut one line to tie it together or something...the rest is so packed with emotion and so well worded that the emotion seeps into my soul and then my soul is hit with what feels like fitting into format. I feel like even taking the last four away and finding one word which sums up everything you feel and then placing it where the four lines were, that would be perfection for this piece


glad to have you back! pp is in for a treat

Much Love