The Central Dungeon

The Central Dungeon 


Creeping slow 

to the depths below

with every step 

an urge of regret

entering the darkness from deep within 

no light or shine to mask our sins

once inside a room filled with musk 

shadowing smell of mold and rust

nothing works from wall to wall

not a sink or faucet or bathroom stall

a hope the torture will not stay 

a hope to see the light of day

soon comes a day I may be saved 

thoughts of hope so just be brave 

overcome with a strong urge to cry

an urge of sorrow from deep inside

there is no escape from the dusky pungen 

no way out of the Central dungeon   

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patriciajj's picture

The sense of foreboding and

The sense of foreboding and gloom is felt deeply in the rhythm and well chosen images. Very nice. Enjoyed this atmospheric journey.