I knew right away it was love in a heartbeat the moment I first found her there by my side.

The feeling I felt was my heart for the giving. Such love to flow free, it could not be denied.

Somewhat like a dream, then again, like a song, whichever it ring blessings divine.

To think how I'd been only hours before. I'd wandered in prayer, just in search of a sign.

But then all at once, how my being found comfort! She sparked life anew through her delicate charms.

For I found the sky when I found her beside me. And I found the sun when she fell in my arms.

Such hope there I felt there upon her arrival. Angelic the sun's light that burst in the clear!

And although I wept, tears of joy came in falling, for I was so glad just to know she was near.

Yes, I am so thankful to now be among her, and praise all her worth so at peace in God's light.

And I am so grateful. The setting to blind us. To gaze into love, such a promising sight!

I know now for sure that through faith we have risen, for holding her hand lends the blessings of Spring.

My darling,, you see, brought me love in a heartbeat. The song in my soul...she's awakened to sing!


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love in a heartbeat

beautiful love poem...nicely written...lucky...heather

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Thank you!

Thank you! I really appreciate that. Your kind comments are very inspiring to me.