Before we met, I had only ever dreamed of,
A man that cultured, refined, tentative,
Brainy, shy and pensive,
I was naïve, I didn’t think I could be owned in one look,
I was wrong, one look is all it took,
One word, as I heard.


I was tempted, but I was hurt,
Intrigued yet embittered,
Fascinated but tormented


It’s true that I was younger,
I knew that you were older, I was bold
I’ll never get you, so I’m told.
And yet my love endures, it never grows old…
I was guileless, I ascertained, by means only known to me,
That someday, we could ever be,


You were cynical, yet gentle,

Flawless, yet clueless,

You didn’t see that I was loveless,
You were happy to wish me the best,
I was distressed, senseless, reckless,
Powerless to stop the infatuation,
Disinclined to try..


Blown away by that rush,
Undisciplined, addicted to your touch,


Your smile, your eyes, your tall lanky frame,
Is it true that we all suffer the same?


Everytime I see you, you’re all business,
Polite, polished, indifferent,
Sometimes, even complacent,

So why do I catch that smolder in your eye?
You couldn’t hide it if you tried,
So why do you try so hard,
And never let down your guard?


Futile, fragile, ephemeral?
My words will never reach you,
I wish they could enfold you,
So you could feel the love,


Hush now, it’s only the two of us,
The light that shines in your hair is golden dust,
This odyssey of you and me
It’s nothing but a sweet dream,


Under a coruscant sky,
Our souls will shine,
So slide your hand in mine,
It’s time.