Fractured Dream

In the beginning

The broken child, never mild

Spent by all my years, so wild

Seeking you, for troubles grew

And now I want your point of view

Moved to tears, slashed by years

Now you'll have me share my fears

Hung to dry, I'm cold and why

Would you ever want to hear me cry?

Take my turn, now I'll burn

Once, a fool, for love did yearn

Trodden down, I know the ground

I'm with it, for my blood does pound

Reach my core, shut the door

You can't go there anymore

Love-betrayed, the slandered stayed

Inside her mind, where follies played

Lost the race, slap the face

On pedestal you won't be placed

Make a scene, split the seam

The remnants of a fractured dream

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for English II course in high school, 2001-2002.

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