Desert Crossing

I am hungry my child dieing
I work 80 hours a week for
2 dollars a month.

My only alternative
cross a vast desert
climb steep mountains

Put my child and my life
in total jeopardy
desert crossing to a dream

America is calling
I'm not a criminal
I work hard for little of nothing

I ask for nothing but a job
a few tidbits of food and
maybe somewhere to lay my head

My skin is brown  
worn from the elements
I am lonely and tired

When I reach this land of dreams
I am hunted like a wild dog
I am treated worse than dirt

I am worked like a slave
with no voice or intermediate
Americans say we steal jobs

Though the Americans come
and only stay for two days three max
at the plants we work 60-80 hour weeks

I would give my life for America
I almost did in desert crossing
crossing over to a nightmare.

5:58 PM 11/10/2006
Copyrights ©2006-2015 chicahuacnecahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is what immigrants deal with everyday in reality!

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