Vows Of Love

Touch me with your eyes
burn into my very core
remain there for all time
I need more than
just one night

Walk gently amongst my temple
touch softly my fine silks
do not bruise my fruits
cherish and protect me
I am daughter of

Speak softly and keep your promises
guard my heart and keep it close
for to hurt me is to disrupt creation
battle for my honor
for I may bare your sons

I will sing to you of sweetness
my voice will be strong and true
the notes will carry on the wind
and rest for all time
within your heart

I will not let another within my temple
for only you have its key
no other shall eat our passion
I shall save its sweetness
always for you alone

I will guard all your secrets
never will I betray your trust
my bosom will be your rock
your shield against all storms
our love timeless ...

Copyrights 2006-2016 Chicahuacnecahuatl

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