The Sound Of A Woman

The sound of a woman
can sooth and lull you
the sound of a woman
can stir and ease you

The sound of a woman
is like the softest of sunsets
the sound of a woman
is something you can't forget

The sound of a woman
when she is laughing
the sound of a woman
when she is crying

The sound of a woman
when she's speaking tenderly
the sound of a woman
when she's waking sleepily

The sound of a woman
burns in your very soul
the sound of a woman
can claim and take control

The sound of a woman
singing and praying
the sound of a woman
sighing and dying

The sound of a woman
will always echo in your mind
the sound of a woman
is creation and time

6:53 PM 3/1/2005
Copyright 2005-2016 © Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is nothing more sensual than the sound of a woman. Listen!

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Thank you Gentlemen

Dylan :D you made me smile, thank you! I'll have to come over some time and check out your work! I'm sure its as wonderful as your comment....

Have a lovely week.... I need to start coming here more often but I'm so busy most days.... just not enough hours in a day!

Ciao y paz

A Loud Mouth Chicana who has something to say!

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you know

many of us identify with your words the manner and the surroundings are written so realistically. The reader identifies with the reality of your words. Sometimes images are not merely illustrations for text, but alternatives to words. Usually, there is a common social experience that we share similar associations to a moment or a vision or something we've heard or read. However, even that can be uncertain. Not everyone has a mother, to associate with womanhood, but I've known many women, mysterious as you are, I can say that I've learned that listening is what we men need to do instead of our talking over the conversation with our sometimes harsh bravdo...
You write very well, and your picture at your profile, well it is fascinating and it expresses much more than mere words, I don't know exactly, yes, it has that compelling quality...

Stay safe
be happy


"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

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i agree. woman is in indeed the most beautiful of creations. mysterious and sensual, yes. ^__^ i love this one as well.