Uplifting The Daughters

My child, either of or not of my womb

why do you throw yourself to lust

let love find you, it shall in due time

fret not the hour or day

Lift yourself from the fog and darkness

break free of the chains that bind

bind your mind, body and soul

blossom only to the Sun

Feel the water as it bathes you

feel Mother Earth at your feet

drink of cool spring waters

pick the herbs and flowers

Be not idle my daughters

read of history and poetry

weave baskets and paint

keep your mind and hands busy

For wasted youth will not return

an apple picked before its time

withers and dies alone

guard your love, your womb

We are mothers, the medicine women

the teachers, the poets and artists

loose desires are but a fleeting moment

but true love lives on for all eternity...

Copyrights 2006-2012 Chicahuac Necahuatl

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