Mother May I

Mother may I hold your hand
mother may I I think you're grand
mother may I even though you've gone away
mother may I in my heart you'll always stay...


When I think of all the years gone by
all tears that fell as I lay alone and cry
for I knew even then there would never be another you
no one could or would love me the way you do


Mother may I I'll never forget your face
mother may I there will always be a trace
a trace of you so deep within me
and I'll shine for the whole world to see


Every good that was inside of you
will remain inside of me and shine true
so even though you've gone away
within my heart you will always stay


Mother may I I love and always will
Mother may I my heart is yours until
Until we meet again and hold each other close
I'll always and forever love you the most...


For my mother Jean Born: 1927 - 1967 Passed On


Copyright 2004 - 2016©Adawehi Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In Loving Memory Of My Mother Jean 1927 - 1667 {Rest in Power}

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