A Womans Passion

When I was a child
I played little girl games
never afraid of the flames
not even aware of how they
could burn
as I grew older
deep inside did I yearn

I explored my carnal nature
unfolding like a rose
never even aware
of the dangers that it
held and that it posed

For a womans greatest gift
is her tender heart
and if your wise you'll guide
it right off from the start
as the story's of the wolf
are so very true
he'll ripe you apart
and leave you once he's through

Now I'm a woman filled with passion
but the passion is now tempered
with extreme caution
as I use my brain as well as my heart
cause I've learned the hard way
I better be smart

See passion is great
and love is grand
but you sisters better take a stand
and stand for something
or mija's I know
if you don't
in the long run
you'll fall for anything.

So guard your heart and love well
or one day you'll be in your
own passioned filled hell
mislead by false promises and lies
alone and hurt and tear stained eyes

This can be avoided if only you learn
never allow your passion to burn
guide your heart with strength
and call on your smarts
cause ohh my dear one day
a broken heart how it hurts ...

Copyright 2006-2015 © Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A shout out for all our beautiful women everywhere mucho amor mi hermanas y mijas

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M A U I's picture

it's a very wise poem. ^__^ i love it.