No Claim To Fame

I was once a rebel, with no cause or justification,
Lost in a society filled with hatred and greed,
"You don't look like me, so YOU shouldn't be!"

I searched and longed for something to call my own,

a place to fit in, I tried so hard to be strong!

A child I was lost in a Huge and Mad City,

Drugs and booze became my escape from the pain,
Oh what a pity!

No claim to fame, only guilt and shame,

I walked this dark road for many moons,
searching, seeking for something to set me free,
I didn't even know how to be me!


Many tried to reach out a hand to help this sinking child,
I growled and snapped cause I was growing wild,
To fearful to take help, to hurt to understand,

It had nothing to do with MAN!


I couldn't grasp the concept of this god I couldn't see,
and anyway, he couldn't care about ME!
No claim to fame, only guilt and shame,

Then one day Creator put his arms around me,

gently holding me and
lifting me up higher than I'd ever been!
I am a new creation, and never the same,
the same since then.


I no longer look for paths of escape but doors opened
by the One and only Almighty Creator.
When Creator closes a door, he shows me a Window!
No claim to fame, but no more guilt or shame,
I am a new creation, never again the same!


Copyright 2001 - 2016©Adawehi Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope this piece gives someone hope that even in the darkest of nights there is hope if only we don't give up and continue the search for truth, education and love.

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