The Little Girl Within

Inside theres a little girl
sweet, innocent, and shy
Inside she tries,
inside she cries

I locked her away long ago
To protect her gentle loving spirit
The pain, the shame, & guilt
Drove her deeper inside still

So many her spirit they tried to kill
Then one day she found a drug to ease the pain
She took the needle and planted it deep in her vain
Heroin became her long time lover

The little girl went deeper under cover
Then she found a bottle filled with liquid magic
The little girl was lost, Oh how tragic
Now I'm fighting so hard for her life

Through all the ridicule & strife
I look to the sky and pray in silence
And pray for a love to bring the balance
Can you see past the street wise hard core front

To the sweet innocent girl who hides
Peeping out at times because she wants to be free
Can you see the real me
Inside there's a sweet innocent little girl

Who prays and still she pays for the innocence
That was stolen away ~ how do I find her again
Or is she lost for all time
What a shame, what a crime

And so I sing my silent song,
and cry my silent tears
So many wasted years,
yes there's dought and fears

Can you hear past the shadows,
past the false laughter
To the sweet innocent little girl
Who longs to be free
The little girl in me

Copyright © 1996 - 2016 Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written during the beginning of a long and hard healing process. The healing continues.

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