Medicate me

Doctor, doctor, I’m so depressed,

Give me the best medicine I can get,

One pill can cure my horrible past,

Oh please give me more, I want this fallacy to last.

Get me closer to god, put me on his drug,

Bring me closer to truth, who needs a hug?

Emotions need no care, just your pill of choice,

I don’t want to sort things out, I just want to hear his voice.

As long as your pockets are filled who the hell cares?

In and out you go, of course the price is fair,

With that gun in your hand, it was so worth it don’t you think?

When all you want to do is bleed, your doctor won’t lose a wink.

Pain doesn’t run through the generations,

It’s passed on in cycles and degenerations,

If your mom was a bitch, you’ll be a bitch too,

If your dad went through hell, that’s what he’ll put you through.

A prescription cannot fix your dysfunctional family,

It cannot cure your petty ways and immaturity,

You contribute to the physicians who are in it for the money,

They just want you to believe that they are really doing something.

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Very depressive. Spare me a few pills, will you?