One cold night pt. 6

From birth I was made to make people feel great,

I was made to be put on your hook as bait,

I was put here to save you, to clean off your slate,

I am here to eat what is left on your plate.

I have never before felt more like a slave,

Anything you ask I come running to the task,

All that I do doesn't make me okay,

I'm the ugly one, maybe I should wear a mask.

Someone once said our kind are like pawns,

We are mocked, shunned, and ignored like dogs,

We are the ones who write all of your favorite songs,

But yet we are the ones that have to right all your wrongs.

You don't know the true meaning of hate,

You don't know the true meaning of pain!

Anger consumes us, gets us close to the blade!

If we laid sick, by our sides you would not stay.

So from birth to the grave, we carry your weight,

We build you up, give you a meaning in fate,

We watch you leave us to the great things that await,

While we remain chained to become someone else's slave.

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