One cold night pt. 2

I just don?t get it

I'd give her my life,

I'd give her my time,

I'd do it with a smile.

And the smile would not be fake,

I'd love her more with every smile I could make,

I'd take her out on romantic dates,

I'd sing her to sleep when the night got late,

I'd lay with her and watch the sun set,

I'd tell her how much I loved her from the first time we met,

And I'd make moments with her that I'll never forget.

I'd take away any pain,

I'd wash out every last stain,

I'd kiss her in the pouring rain,

And fill her heart forever, and never let it drain.

Oh how hard I'd try,

To never let love die,

Oh how much I would cry,

If you ever left my mind.

I just don't know if I'll find such a thing,

I don't know if I can fly on broken wings,

I just know for now that I walk alone,

And I have no ones arms to call my home.

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