A thought for me

Someday when you wake can you think of me?

I promise I won't ruin your mind.

I know when you close your eyes, I'm nothing you see.

You don't have to look at me, don't have to go blind.

It's just your the most beautiful thing I've seen,

But I don't even have to ask myself why.

When I find out I'm not anything you need,

I'm just starting to feel like I have nothing to find.

Please don't pretend because you feel bad that I'm ugly,

Somehow that comes back to hurt me each and every time.

I don't need any sympathy, I just need that something,

But it's beginning to seem like love for me is a crime.

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mhantelman88's picture

Great "Clincher" at the beginning, it really hit me. I don't know why I like that so much. I promise I won't ruin your mind. Kick ass dude. It was shorter than I was expecting though. What I mean by that, is I wasn't ready for it the poem to be done. I felt like there was something missing. Guess what, that's not a bad thing either. Then you know you caught the reader and because of that they'll keep coming back for more. I really liked it buddy ole pal. It was what's the word I'm looking for, I need one of the best describing words...oh wait it was grr. lol.