i'm so sorry,

it was wrong of me,

to even think of what i wrote,

i wish it was just a joke,

but i screwed up

and i hurt you

the thoughts are shut

in my mind and glued

they'll never come back

and i'll never hurt you with a poem like that.

it just came to mind,

i know it wasn't right

it was so long ago

but back then it was such a fight

for me to move on

but now those thoughts are gone

and you should know that i'm alright

you made no mistake

it was the feelings i felt

i just wasn't okay

but now i've been helped

and its safe to say

i have truly moved on

its been months already

the pain is long gone

so i hope you please

accept my apology

because without you

i couldn't be me.

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mpr8888@yahoo.com's picture

you know, poetry is a beautiful expression of emotion. i hate to see you apologize for any of it. obviously, we do have to be careful of what we say since we can "yield the larger sword", but don't be inhibited to explore, despite the situation. you will grow through these mistakes and learn more socially acceptable words to use that will be just as effective. and if your friend is a true blue, they surely can appreciate your talent and it's many uses, (such as venting and healing). just my opinion though. (i too can overdo the first admendment). as for this piece, well, it got my wheels turning, so you know it's good.