All the colors were shining,

You saw the rainbow too,

On your porch in the rocking chairs,

I sat and stared and thought of you.

All the colors were blinding,

Crying out all the broken truth,

We heard the bang, we both got scared,

Then all of a sudden they fell on the roof.

All the sky went dark,

I remember how the wind blew,

It was almost too much for us to bare,

But I was there to take care of you.

All the sky lit up,

I wanted so much to hold you,

It was just you and me alone,

I wondered if inside you felt it too.

The sky went black again,

My words then went askew,

I knew what I wanted to say,

But it was lost somewhere in the blue.

Then our sky became clear,

Our star slowly came out,

All the rain began to stop,

And the colors again began to shout.

They say the sun is what makes us happy,

In the storm I've never been so glad,

Did you really want to have me?

You made the sun feel jealous and sad.

All the colors shine from you,

From everything you say and all that you do,

All our words together, come out and speak the truth,

I want it to storm again. Hopefully I'll be with you.

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mhantelman88's picture

I think I liked the part about the sun the best. It stuck out the most. It was just cool how you put it, saying the sun is what makes everyone happy, and yet she made the sun jealous and sad. I could feel everything as you said it. It felt as if I was going through it with you. I enjoyed reading this poem, Nate. Keep up the good work buddy.