Wilt my precious flower

Wilt, My precious flower.

Your sweet lies have turned all sour,

Is there no more hearts for you to devour?

Wait till you lose your stems and all your power.

Until you stabbed me I felt alright,

You didn't care, you know I won't fight,

I hate your body, the beauty that you hold,

Someday we'll all see the nothingness you've sold.

Your heartless petals will some day fall,

You won't make me collapse to my knees and crawl,

What if I take all your water, will you finally stop breathing?

Stop wasting your breath on me, the bullshit you keep feeding.

Your colors are starting to fade you dazzling daisy!

Your looks and name made me go crazy!

The way you swayed in the wind was so manipulating!

Now whether to tear you from the ground I'm contemplating.

Wilt, My precious flower!

Trust me, I won't love you any longer!

Soon I'll find a new garden, with new seeds to sow,

And you'll be dying in the sun, A dead flower I didn't know.

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Annie Sawyers's picture

Thanks for the comment. its a sticky situation.. This was great work by you!!