Death in someone's eyes

I can see you staring at that knife,

Go ahead, I'm here to take your life,

I don?t care if I make you cry,

I'll end your pain on this one last night,

You've always thought life would come,

No matter how you tried, nothing ever got done,

But now you've called me to bring you a magic end,

And so you know, before you, there is nothing good ahead,

There is nothing left in you,

You've done all that you can do,

And you fell! Say that you're with me!

Don't stop now, I know you'd rather be winning.

Look at all the days you've wasted,

Look at how your heart's been taken,

I know you hate the path you chose,

I know that love is what you?ll miss most,

But now you know that no one cares,

Your best friend doesn't even listen,

They bring you tears and leave you there,

When will you finally learn that life's unfair?

Doesn't it feel great to see the blood you just drew?

To watch the life flow for the last time out of you?

The way you felt, she never knew,

You're done breathing now, there's nothing more you can do.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I didn't write this poem about anyone. I wrote it to myself. It was just a different way to write a poem, I hadn't tried this before, so here it is.

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there are so many things i get from this. when i read "dark poetry", i try to see the good points. there's one here that really stands out. that's the ability to change everything around by choices. (i know you hate the path you chose). then you point out love as a reason for living. (i know that love is what you'll miss most). i hope others can see the tragedy, for i believe our best teacher is adversity, but also the subtle undertones you've demostrated, showcasing real talent.