Left Behind

There they go once again,

While I keep fighting the battle i'll never win,

Cold inside with a fucked up mind,

I don't think I even have a life.

There they go once again,

They both try to hide it, they try to pretend,

Oh well she said that i'm a great friend,

She told him their friendship will never end.

And so I wait here, impatient and screaming,

Wishing to stop all this pointless dreaming,

Hating myself, from inside I'm bleeding,

A new place, A new life are things that I'm needing.

There they go, leaving me behind,

Leaving me suffer like I'm the one who lies,

Like I'm the one who's blind and can't see a god damn thing,

Like I'm the one who's lucky, like I'm the one to sing.

And so they go, I know they won't come back,

As they walk away, I'm forgotten just like that,

All the fun they have must be the greatest thing,

It's ok if you don't care, I'm the one you'll be missing.

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Geoff Mcmullen's picture

I liked this right up to the last line. I understand they hurt you & I feel your pain so the "I know I am nothing ending" was self-indulgent. I can tell you right now you are a talented writer. And that is something. It's just my opinion but think about changing the last line to pity them for missing out on knowing you, instead of pitying your-self.
Either way a very good piece.