A poem for you

Hopefully this poem isn't too corny,

I'm sorry if it's long and boring,

But hopefully you will carefully listen,

So the words of this poem will gracefully glisten (corny, lol)

I just want you to know you?re one of my best friends,

You know that I never want that to end,

You've always been there for me, through the thick and the thin,

You make me feel like I'm not a loser, even though I rarely win.

Now to the part of the poem where the meaning comes out,

I couldn't really say it, so I thought I'd just write it down,

At this point I'm just rambling as you can probably tell,

And I'm sure you've noticed I don't get to the point very well.

As you know there's a certain dance coming up next month,

And as you know you?ve already been to it once,

What I'm about to ask, I'm sure you can already see,

Amy...Will you go to prom with me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was my way of asking this awesome girl to prom...I got turned down, she wanted to go with some other guy...

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mpr8888@yahoo.com's picture

that is so romantic? did you give it to her? I bet it worked!! I see a fresh topic which is rare!!