Never Dream

I hope not to dream, hope not to cry.

I hate every night, the times goes by.

Its too late, I wish I could hide,

I'm forever lost, without my life.

I wish I could scream, and say goodbye.

I can see her light, but yet I'm blind.

I can't take this hurt, this burden each time,

What I miss most, is my innocent smile.

Dreams steal my life and give me pain,

I love, but I hate, I'm always to blame.

Longing for someone always stings,

I gave her my heart, I let it ring.

My heart is so empty, so desolate.

I think I've finally had enough of it.

I can remember, the day that we met,

I remember your smile, the impression you left.

And I'm still left here alone.

Each day I still feel the cold.

She loves me, as a great friend,

But she can't, she won't ever hold my hand.

She'll never hold my hand.

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