As I long for passion, it turns cold outside,

A feeling, self hating, rips and tears on the inside,

To you, my despair, something that I can't hide,

I look up to you, to bring me a new life.

A worth of nothing, A virtue I can't confide,

I remain truthful, but a few simple lies,

My world dissipates, one by one you begin to fall,

Here grows this desolate space, this is no life at all.

I stop to think of nothing, but what flashes before I sleep?

Your faces, each one of you beautiful, made pain that runs deep,

Oh how its built up over all these many months,

Not a dream has come true, not even once.

A kiss at a time, I was convinced it was real,

The passion I felt it had, was ever so clear,

Intoxication made you blind to my feelings, so strong they were,

But now I see the truth, I'm not good enough for her.

And all these days that pass by and I miss,

Will never be made up, what am I suppose to make of all this?

Remember the nights I've shaken so bad?

Every hall's a reminder, every one I hold close, makes me so sad.

You can't wish for things that aren't ever there,

I'm talking about me, you can't see me anywhere,

Nothing they see in me, the way it is and will always be,

Will things change? Can a dead life be rearranged?

I don't know, we'll see, But that empty nothing, remains to be me.

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