My feelings today

No one needs to know the feelings I feel everyday,

Just because they never mean anything anyway.

When I can't feel the music I sing out loud,

Screaming words of something that can't be found.

Is finding a treasure really worth the pain in searching?

There's no point in love if it just keeps on hurting.

I now turn my back on what I was seeking,

Friends are all I need now, they've kept me from bleeding.

But just think, wouldn't it be great, just one moment of light?

Side by side we lay, in my arms you stay, close to me all night.

Such silence ensues these dreams that wake me,

The truth, arms empty, I lay cold and shaking.

Just once I want to feel something,

It hurts to feel absolutely nothing.

Weather it comes or not, I'll stay, I'll wait,

But for now, forget about my feelings today.

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