So wrong

The skies once blue turned black in my moment of disgrace,

Assumed her feelings were real, finally felt I found my place,

Slammed down hard after such a great moment, I cried, I cried,

The tears came back, I was hit again, and it was all the same.

The skies that once shined, went dark at the sight of my face,

She stood in front of me, beautiful, her skin smooth as lace,

I'm a loser, you're an angel, you said we're so different,

I have got nothing, once again it comes, I feel my self hatred.

You sat outside crying, what was I suppose to say?

I thought things were changing, this one great day,

I Rethought about everything, that couch where I lay,

The "cute face" was just a compliment, I'm sorry it was fake.

Damn my feelings, my sight of life,

That screamed out so loudly, I felt your touch and your light,

The interest we share, the sadness you say I have no sake,

You've brought me a smile, so please don't take it.

Well I screwed up again, No I didn't win.

I wish this all would never have happened.

It all just seemed so clear, your signs seemed so right.

Now I'm living a sin, so dark in hate tonight.

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mhantelman88's picture

Don't get yourself down about this. Instead think of it in a funny way. Think about how much of a coincidence it was that she had it happen twice in a night, in like a second. Just laugh about it, it is over. Just picture her. And laugh.