You speak of cold nights,

Well you just made mine.

You don't want to move forward without me,

Please don't keep presenting the lone I feel,

Your half hour of details left me feeling unreal,

My life is a dark one, don't think that I can't see.

So I can't stand to hear you speak,

of a kiss you felt so real and deep.

Since you're living everything I seek,

You make the tears that keep me from my sleep.

Your sharp anger shows and fades,

It comes and goes with intense blades,

What's your critizism aiming for?

Can you even hear me anymore?

I need something, but get nothing,

Everyday starts the same,

I wake to hear the hypocritical blame,

Why can't you let me walk my own way?

I'm sick of your shaddow, this isn't a game.

I can't take the sight of them,

so I just leave and get drunk again,

Indulge a smoke to calm the blaze,

Only it adds more fuel to the flames.

The way my heart stings when you pinch its strings,

Like a dead tone that leaves an eerie scream,

No sharp notes, just make believe,

No great verses, just the wounds where you make it bleed.

Don't talk to me about cold nights,

I have too much, just not enough life.

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