If you're so afraid,

To get hurt or used,

You could be with me,

And then you can see.

But all you see is the ugly me,

I can't stand on the ground firmly,

I'm just a loser who is lonely,

Who loves it when the rain is pouring.

I wish I could take my name,

And turn it into something great,

But all they see of me is pain,

Is it my love for the falling rain?

Or do they just think I'm just going insane?

All these questions burn tonight,

And still dies my sad empty light,

Fault I hate blames me today,

Regrets inform me, the mistakes I've made.

I'll sing this poem to you tonight,

But first take my hand and hold it tight,

But I know you're just being friendly,

You're finding a nice way to tell me gently,

It's such a mystery,

Why I can't just wake up and be happy,

I follow my heart and look where it leads me,

To dozens and dozens of unhappy endings.

I envy those who are together,

Everything for them works out much better,

The question begs, am I just misplaced?

I can't stand the reflection of my own face.

And so I sing this poem to you tonight,

Now I know you'll never hold me tight.

Now it begins, I'll lose life ever faster,

And still my questions will remain unanswered.

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