Is it crazy?

Is it crazy to think your not my friend?

Is it wrong to think that I should just end?

Isn't it weird how we all get along, one minute,

The next is hell, its like nothing can be fixed?

You can't fix what's not broken,

You can't change what doesn't bleed,

Only when it hurts, when you can't breathe,

A calming voice of nails goes through your heart,

One wrong move, your screwed and your out,

Is it hard to scream and shout?

What you believe in and how to get it out?

Or who to take it out and why?

People fuck up lives, cause hearts that cry,

Do they care? Can they feel?

Is anything we feel considered real?

If our lives mean nothing, and nothing they'll be?

Then why do we change, Why have you become mean?

We can't erase our hate, our loves, our pain,

Its always there, we hide it away, in mind, it always stays,

Someday it can make your life drain,

Thinking and wanting, to die in vain,

Is it the air we breathe? The friendships we create?

Is it the people that hover over every move we make?

Is it those who criticize? That mess with our minds?

Is it the wives that leave?

The husbands that cheat?

All these are true, there?s many, many more,

We sit and ask ourselves what?s our life worth living for?

We drink, we smoke, we make a seed,

And watch it grow and hope it won't grow up like me,

Sometimes I think your not my friend,

Sometimes I wish it would all just end,

Yea we get along for a few minutes,

You've made my life hell, and leave it for me to fix,

Guess what, I'm not that strong anymore,

Guess what, I can't make life great anymore,

Thanks for your help, all that you've done,

Thanks for making me lose...I guess you won!

Did you know my trust for you is gone?

Did you know that there's something wrong?

Did you know I won't tell you?

Did you know you block out my voice?

You make me feel like my words aren't even a choice,

Course and loud, my heart sings,

Lost in trance it bleeds the fucked memories,

Stained and taken away from me,

Things strewn in my mind, such crazy things,

There I go, just drifting away,

Cold and cold in my place I stay,

Fooling myself with these expectations,

Everyday waiting with the anticipation,

That someday you will finally be changing...

Is it crazy???

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Cherilyn May Corlione's picture

I HAVE been there! Hugs and nice write!