A disappointment

I don't like this reality, all my senseless dreams,

Alone I stand and wonder, what's so wrong with me?

It used to be so close, it was something I could see,

But now nothing's there, I think I made it leave.

I would have smiled then, but nothing came to me,

This picture in my head, screams out so vividly,

You made a promise, but you just let it bleed

Trying to hold up all your lies, I sink so suddenly.

I wasn't so smart then, I took pain so willingly,

Everyone got a chance, to stab at me it seems,

My life's just so broken, never thought I'd lose belief,

It just takes my mind, and takes me from my sleep.

You can call me a loser, but why do you label me?

Why can't you turn to a new page, you can look inside and see,

Just because I'm smart, doesn't mean that I just read,

You think I have no life, no love, no tragedy.

My future here now, just feels so damn bleak,

All these dreams of some girl, someone I'd love to meet,

All the time I've wasted, trying to climb a hill too steep.

From inside, I realized, all these dreams just make me weak.

I can't remember the way things used to be,

I used to think of the world so beautifully,

Something took my heart, and held it gracefully,

But threw it down, and broke it, on the floor it lay neatly.

I used to shine, I could make you laugh so bright,

Who threw the shade on me? And turned out all the lights?

I used to gleam, But now nothing's right,

I thought I used to love you, But that feeling's gone tonight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem actually got published in a book. I never thought any of my poems would end up getting printed, so for that fact I'm pretty proud of this one. I hope you like it.

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mpr8888@yahoo.com's picture

interesting read. lines were precise and crisp. most end lines with plain words that bore the subconscious that absorbs the meaning. not you. well written!