All these feelings

Jaded and faded, cynical and pitiful.

Depressed and unhappy, dejected and glum.

Sad and miserable, cheerless and fearless.

Pain and hurt, I'm sore, I'm stinging.

I try to describe just how I feel,

I can't believe this shit is real,

You crept up and took me, every last desire,

You looked up and hugged me, you set me on fire.

Shaking and trembling and quaking and breaking

Crying and lying and stealing and leaving.

Live or die, hide, I'm needing.

All this because for you I had feelings.

Torture and torment, hate and dismay.

Loyalty, devotion, and a love so great.

Speaking these words, just things I create.

Such stupid beliefs, my belief in fate.

Confusion, insanity, uncertainty and blame.

Frustration, disturbance, annoyance and shame.

Now that you left me, do you even know my name?

Don't you know I'm not the same? Don't you know I'm not okay?

Look how you broke me, how my heart is bleeding,

Now all my regrets, my sorrows are not ceasing,

And on the floor I lay, still hardly breathing,

Loosing my life, to all these feelings.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rejection can be tough

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