Is it Worth to Dream a Dream?

Is it worth to dream a dream?

Just to feel your heart scream and scream?

The pain is unreal, or so it seems,

Is it you? Or is it me?

I can dream of this girl, a kiss so great,

Like nothing else matters, the kiss was fate,

But it's just my head, where this wish lives,

I just want a girl, so great like his.

Sometimes I sit in my room, I can hardly breathe,

It keeps flashing in my mind, I want to leave,

But somewhere inside is a flash of light,

That girl wants to fall in my arms tonight.

But who am I kidding? It isn't real,

Life can be hell, you just have to deal,

All the time I waste, the shame embraced,

These tears never seem to stop falling.

Fantasies, dreams, are all my life will ever be,

It could be so great, but she just won?t see,

Is it worth to ever dream a dream?

Yes, but count on feeling like me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem because I dream of being together with this great girl, but she just doesn't feel what i feel...

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