There was a young man...

There was a young man, who woke up this morning,

His heart cried, and his mom was concerning,

Not, I was kidding, she's still sitting there joking,

Thinking of it as nothing, she has something coming,

The next day she woke up, found a note on her son's bed,

She looked into the corner, his chest where it bled,

Noticing no warming heartbeat, seeing that he's dead?

The note told her to look in this red folder,

Why did he take his life? The room just got colder,

He was dead and she had no clue,

She knew absolutely nothing, that he went through,

She sees his red folder, all the pictures that he drew,

Also in the folder she saw his writing, she read a few,

She lay down and cried, she finally knew.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't know exactly how or why I wrote this...

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