Tempt Me Sweetly

Hold me close,

While I breathe you in,

And drown

In sweet ecstasy.

Because you are my addiction.

Your lips

Taste of Ambrosia.

They are my

Delicious nectar—

Such sinful sustenance.

Let me have the feel

Of your skin

Against mine.

My cravings finally satisfied.

A fix to get me through the day.

Show me once more

That heady rush of power

That comes from your hands

Being clasped in my own.

This love could make even the deities know envy.


Are my Temptation.

I’m fixated on you.

And everything I need

Is what you are.

So fly me high to Mount Olympus

I want to meet the Gods

With you

By my side.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

June 27, 2008

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