Laughing Aloud

Seventeen years old

Time's gone by

Too fast

But Who's counting

All of those days,


It's just another


That I will


Get to see

Your face.

I berate myself

Over you


Really, you'd think

That I would

Be used to it

By now.

Guess not, huh?

Broken Promises

Built up lies

It's all

just been another part

Of my life

Don't you know

that you were supposed

To prove them


You were

Supposed to care!

But I guess

you just proved

them Right

in the end.

I can't trust you!

And I

hate myself!

For knowing

that I have

always loved you

because you are

My father.

The man

who gave me

the life that you

never wanted

a part of.

I wanted...


I needed

to trust you!

Can't you understand

that's not easily done?

I'll never

be good enough

will I ?

Because I'm the

Second Daughter.

No longer your


And I don't

hold the honor

of being your



the title of "Oldest"

will aways

belong to Her.

No. I've never been

"Daddy's Little Girl"

because "daddy"

never really wanted


I was just another

Tally mark

on that long list

of his mistakes.


I'm tired

of being Second best.

The last one

to be noticed

out of the group.

I want you

to see me

for Me.

But, you know

I'd laugh aloud

at my own


If only

it didn't hurt

so bad...

I'm asking for

One thing

and it's this

So, say you're sorry


and carry on with your life.

You're "Little Girl"

is growing up.

And she learned

long ago

How to make it

on her own.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

May 2008

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