Something for a Friend

Will you be the one that helps me up when I fall?

Will you be there when it seems that I have no one at all?

Or will you be just like the others and turn away from me?

What will you do?

Who can we be?

Tell me that it's ok just to be the person that I am.

Let me know that you really are trying to understand.

If you're confused about something then tell me, because I will listen.

Don't keep things away from me just because you think that it might hurt me.

I've been there, and I've done all that.

Walked down that road before.

So even when we can never quite seem to grasp what the other means.

That won't change the friendship that we share

For I know that you are someone that actually cares.

The times have changed and left us both with scars

But old wounds, they heal.

It may take some time but I will learn how to deal.

So tell me my friend, do you think that this is something that's really worth the risk?

Because I think that losing you as a friend will be something that I would truly miss.

Just thought that I would tell you that you're starting to really mean a lot.

That, even if we too go separate ways, the things that you have helped me realize about myself…

Those are things that I will never forget.

I'll always remember, I truly mean it.

So, thanks once again.

I'm lucky and truly honored to call you my friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Late 2006. A new friendship was forming between another person and myself. A year later, she is now one of the best friends that I have ever known.

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AFFECTION! *Glomp* One of my favorites.