Innocence Through Another's Eyes

You look at me, and what do you see?

Some say Wild,

Other's Crazy.

Some even call me Beautiful;

But Innocent is a word that I hear repeatedly.

I'm quiet and watchful, these things I know.

So, what is so innocent?

How does it show?

Is it because I've yet to give my body?

The fact that I've never been kissed?

What is so truly innocent about these things?

I've never known them, so what could I miss?

These are the words that I always hear, "You're so sweet and innocent."

Really, I just don’t get it!

I want to understand this common thought,

So take me by the hand; this is what I want.

Show me, what about me is so Wild and Crazy.

What is so Beautiful, so Innocent;

See through this disguise.

I want to see my Innocence, through another's eyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2007 Hahaha... innocence comes in so many forms. I seem to fit most I suppose.

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foxgloves's picture

I wrote a poem in response to this one - but I haven't shown anyone it as of yet.