Foolish Child

Why do I still love you?

All you do is make me cry.

Why do I long to hear your voice?

All that you whisper--

Sweet as golden honey

Turns into lies.

After these many years

You go and flush it down the toilet.

Disappoint me-- you're good at it.

Go ahead... Break my heart!

I'm sorry that I never seem to be good enough for you.

But what we had made us Both happy

Once upon a time.

Can you not remember?

Those days when we'd both laugh

At something that only we two knew inside.

I felt as if you were a part of my soul.

Now, I find myself questioning...

Was it only one sided?

And still, I can't let myself

Let you go.

So many years and all of it for nothing!

I would have given you everything

You know that, right?

All you'd have had to do was say the word.

Whatever I was able to give

Would have been yours-- without thought.

No longer that foolish child you once knew me to be.

I've grown up.

Let me tell you what it is that I see...

Someone that I once thought I loved laughing cruelly in my face.

I'm trying not to cry!

Realization is a cold pain upon my heart.

So many years...

All for nothing!

I'm at war against myself and no one sees it.

So tired of the pain.

After all of this time...

I just can't let myself

Let you go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2007 A "Foolish Child" I certainly was back when I would do anything for the sister that I so dearly loved.

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foxgloves's picture

So sad! Very good flow.