Hear these words

Know they're lies.

Believing false truths...

It's my demise.

I try to win this fight.

Inside I scream,

But no one hears.

I wear a mask

To hold back tears.

I struggle-- but still they fall.

Break through this facade

See the girl inside.

If I'm worth it

Why do you ask me

If this is what I want for my life?

Lost in silence

The voice of doubt

Leaves me aching for something more

Wanting you near me..

No longer facing these fears alone.

Will you hold me

If I ask you?

Will you laugh?

Or walk away?

Give me someone I can talk to

I have so much still to say.

My heart feels like it's breaking

Do I carry too much weight?

I don't know what I should do

It's just too much on my plate!

So I listen for your voice.

I hear your words

I know they're lies.

Believing Your truths...

It's my demise.

I'll never win this fight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2007 Never knowing if the words that you're told are truths is very hard to hear at times. Especially if they come from the lips of a loved one.

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John King's picture

wow... i have a newfound respect for you girl... i posted another poem on my account if you would like to read it... you are very talented expertly penned

foxgloves's picture

Beautifully sad.