She's the true love

She makes me feel as I’m a king every time she’s near me, every time she speaks, every time she kisses me she makes me smile. Been wanting to meet a women like her in a very long while, this might be a dream but all I ask? is that it lasts forever. At first I payed her no attention, just thought she was playing, after a bit of fun. She told me she wanted me fory ages, but I took no notice. Took me a while to realise that I like this girl, looking back I guess it’s my fault, made her wait for this long. Being a fool chasing some other girls,  Im lucky to still have her right now, she could of gone off with another man. But I’m glad we waited for this long to see how we get on.

Every time I’m around this girl I can’t help but laugh, in a good way of course. She makes me smile she makes me happy, she makes me think that love is happening. Everything from her face to her feet are perfect, just the way I like them. What can I say not many girls have ever made me feel this way. She’s kind, she’s sexy, she’s smart and a song writer, shes everything and more that I like. 

I’m scared to show her the real me, as she might not like the past of a bad person trying to be good. I really don’t want to fall in love with her too soon, even thou shes someone i could love for the rest of my life. I’m glad I met you but you’re too nice, you have come into my life making me wonder why? I like her too much, must make her my wife. When I’m not with her Im thinking of her. This scares me makes feel as I have finally found someone that I might truly love and trust.

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